Walking the Way of the Cross

The Way of the Cross encompasses Jesus’ journey carrying His cross from the Hall of Pilate where he was condemned to death to the site of His execution on Golgotha (Calvary).  

The Aylmer Ministerial, a cross-denominational group of local Christian churches and ministries, honours this important tradition by “Walking the Way of the Cross” each year on Good Friday.  Prayer and reflection are the focus of the walk that begins at St. Paul’s and makes stops at various local churches and organizations on its way to St. Mark’s.   

Our journey as modern Christians is more than just a journey through history marked by events in the past.  When it comes to remembering key events, the event is not so much about the facts and the data as it is recalling the role of that event in a larger ongoing story, in God's story and in our own story.  It is a journey of our own personal commitment to God, of our own growth as a community of believers and as individuals maturing from self-centered children into faithful servants. It is a journey that we need to remember just as deeply and profoundly as we remember the journey of God's people across 3,000 years of human history, or the journey of Jesus from Pilate’s Hall to Golgotha.

Walking the way of the cross is about appropriating this key event in terms of its ongoing significance for the continuing community, for us.